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UnikLab® mattress measurement system carefully measures the pressure that your body creates on the mattress and produces pressure charts of your body. This advance technology is able to detect even the smallest muscular imbalances or tensions. Our factory physiotherapists in Finland design your individually customised mattress using your UnikLab® results.

Individual Sleep Assessment

It is important to find your personal requirements for good quality sleep. Therefore our experts evaluate factors influencing your sleep quality such as sleeping habits, sleeping positions, health conditions, and individual preferences. We carefully analyse the provided information in order to find the best solutions for you.


The sleep assessment and the UnikLab® pressure charts are translated into an individual spring suspension system. Our experts ensure that the mattress fits you perfectly and allows you to benefit from the power of good quality sleep. You can select the shape, the size and other features of your bed. You name it, we make it!


The manufacturing process from beginning to end is carried out in our factory in Vantaa, Finland. Each customised spring is produced with our unique spring machine. Our factory engineers quality assures the production by testing multiple springs in a day to ensure that we meet the criteria set for our high quality springs. The individually pocketed springs are placed in a mattress according to the individual mattress design from our physiotherapists and ergonomists.

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