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Top Mattresses

Top mattresses have a substantial effect on sleeping comfort and pressure relief. Your top mattress is determined by your choice of mattress along with your sleeping habits and preferences. We recommend speaking to our experts in determining your choice of top mattress. Due to the complementary nature of a top mattress we recommend replacing it every five to seven years.

Top mattresses have great importance in maintaining good sleep hygiene. All of our top mattresses have removable covers and the covers are machine washable at +60°C. UnikBed high quality top mattresses are designed to extend the life of your mattress. You can choose a fabric with embedded silver yarn. Silver thread helps to regulate body temperature and makes the material antibacterial without toxic substances. The hygiene and lifetime of a top mattress can be greatly improved with an easily washable mattress protector.



Air-O-Bed is considerably airier than our standard top mattresses thanks to its three-dimensional design. The Air-O-Bed 3D material equalises the pressure points on the mattress and thus, improves blood circulation.


The high quality and airy material ensures a good night’s sleep and optimum sleeping comfort.


The 3D material and the cover are fully washable and fast drying.



Skanner top mattress is a light option for all body types.


The material is elastic and airy.  Skanner is available with or without a cotton padding.



Kenno top mattress has a light and soft material with a honeycomb profiled surface. The surface increases airflow to the mattress and it moulds perfectly to give you the most comfortable sleeping position.


This top mattress is ideal for light smaller individuals.



Mattress Protector

SteadyBody® Functional mattress protector extends the life of the top mattress. The protector is easy to wash with bed linen and dries fast.


Functional SteadyBody® material stabilises and distributes body temperature while keeping you comfortable throughout the night.


Cover: Microfiber, 100% polyester


Filling: ClimarelleTM, 100% polyester

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