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Individually Customised And Healthy 
Solutions For Good Quality Sleep

It is important to find your personal requirements for good quality sleep. One of the biggest issues when selecting a mattress is the physical differences between the partners. Almost every couple sleep on the same mattress, although their needs are different. Therefore our experts evaluate factors influencing your sleep quality such as sleeping habits, sleeping positions, health conditions, and individual preferences. We carefully analyse your information in order to find the best solutions for you.  

Your mattress is the most significant factor affecting the quality of your sleep. It should be designed to support your body by allowing the structures of your spine to rest and rejuvenate during the night. At UnikBed we design a mattress just for you, because we believe that you have a unique body and you need a mattress that supports your body structure.

Our product selection includes everything you need in the bedroom; beds, mattresses, ergonomic pillows, functional duvets and bed linen.

Designed And Handcrafted
In Finland 

All our premium mattresses and beds are handmade in our factory in Vantaa, Finland. Therefore we are able to ensure that only the best materials are used in our beds.


Our experienced staff consists of engineers, physiotherapists and ergonomists who have knowledge about human anatomy, physiology and sleep ergonomics.


Once a bed arrives to mainland UK our friendly and professional staff will deliver and install it in our customers’ home.

Individually Customized
UnikBed | Handcrafted in Finland

UnikBed | Handcrafted in Finland

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