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Beds are manufactured according to your requirements and preferences. You can choose the size, width, length, height and model of your bed together with the fabric, headboard and legs. In our selection we have a broad variety of high quality easy-care textiles. Alternatively you can provide your own textiles. You name it and we make it.

When looking to replace your bed we advise you to visit our showroom to get a complete sleep assessment. 


Adjustable Bed

Our premium quality adjustable bed is stylish and easy to use. You can adjust the bed to the desired position by using a remote control. Maximise the relaxing effect of your bed with a silently vibrating massage. You can adjust the firmness of your bed with a flexible slat base.


Feedback shows; by adjusting the bed, many have felt relief from symptoms like snoring, sleep apnea, heartburn and weak blood circulation. Additionally, the optional vibrating massage helps with muscle recovery, aching legs and restless leg syndrome.


When designing your adjustable bed you can choose the upholstering colour and textiles together with the legs.


Continental Bed

Our continental bed provides you with the finest and most luxurious sleeping comfort. It is ideal for even the most demanding bodies. The continental bed consists of our premium spring mattress and a base with adjustable slats. A couple's bed can be designed with a double or a twin mattress.


When designing your continental bed you can choose the upholstering colour and textiles together with the legs.

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