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It has been said that Finns sleep better, 
only the experts know why.

Finland has beautiful nature and an extraordinary amount of lakes. But also a ridiculous amount of darkness during winter and an unbelievable amount of light during summer. These circumstances have forced us to become the most incredible sleep experts.

Our Mission


For the past 30 years we have been improving our customer's sleep by focusing on individuality and sleep ergonomics. We evaluate factors influencing your sleep quality such as sleeping habits, sleeping positions, health conditions, and individual preferences.


Each customer is assessed using UnikLab® 3D mattress measurement system and sleep questionnaire. These results are used in designing their mattress.


Our Company


UnikBed was established in 2017 to meet the current market demand for high quality lifestyle sleep solutions, with products that are already well known in Finland and crafted by Unikulma Oy. Unikulma was founded by Mr Vesa Tuominen in 1985. He was driven by his personal desire to improve his health condition and sleep quality. Unikulma is the leading specialist and researcher in its field in Finland with over one hundred staff members from factory staff to leading sleep specialists.

 UnikBed designs and manufactures individually customised and healthy solutions for good quality sleep and offers sleep ergonomic consultation services in London, UK. Our showroom is our headquarters where you can book your personal UnikLab® 3D sleep assessment with one of our experts.

 All our premium mattresses and beds are handmade in our factory in Vantaa, Finland. Therefore we are able to ensure that only the best materials are used in our beds. Our experienced staff consists of engineers, physiotherapists and ergonomists who have knowledge about human anatomy, physiology and sleep ergonomics.

Once a bed arrives to mainland UK our friendly and professional staff will deliver and install it in our customers’ home.

Just book your appointment and we’ll take care of the rest.

"We believe in promoting wellbeing through good sleep."


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